The Maasvallei is a big fenced natural private terrain of 250 acres in Lanklaar- Belgium. The terrain has several “terrils” (big artificial mountains), there is a huge lake, and all of it is surroundend by a big forest with beautifull flora and fauna. The Maasvallei offers a lot of activities for people who really love outdoorsports like nordic walking, kayaking, triathlon, wall climbing, survival camps, fishing, airsoft  and last but not least mountainbiking.

For mountainbikers, there is a bikepark called “The Filthy Trails”. The bikepark has everything to offer for DH/FR/DJ/SS/XC/ENDURO mountainbikes.

So if you really love outdoorsports don’t hesitate to come to The Maasvallei in Lanklaar-Belgium because it really is the place to be. The Maasvallei is open every day from 10.00hrs-17.30hrs during autumn and winter time and 10.00hrs-19.00hrs during spring and summer time. There is a parkinglot  at the entrancegate.

it's forbidden to enter the Maasvallei by car. When visiting the Maasvallei always make sure you bring your own food and drinks.

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Bikepark in Maasmechelen - Belgium
Pictures by Pierre Hilgers from O2 bikers, Danny Jacobs and Vincent Rocher from Landscape magazine
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